Rachel Mango, Founder of Earth and Soul Adventures

For more than a decade, my journey in pursuit of truth, health, and wholeness has led me down a profound path of discovery, centered on healing autoimmune diseases that conventional medicine deemed incurable. Embracing my free-spirited nature and commitment to holistic wellness, I chose a different path than that of traditional Western medicine (It's important to note that I respect diverse perspectives on medical choices), and my journey reflects the unique path I felt was best for me. My spirit resonated with an inner knowing, a truth within, that sparked a journey to unearth profound healing truths and become a living embodiment of these principles in my own life. In doing so, I've become a guiding light for others on their quest for answers. The truth I've uncovered is strikingly simple, yet it challenges the programmed beliefs that have shaped our understanding of health and well-being.

Rachel Mango


With prior training in the coaching industry, a background as a personal trainer with holistic nutrition expertise, and ownership of a fitness studio, I bring a profound comprehension of the human body. My track record demonstrates a history of effectively guiding individuals through transformative life experiences in coaching, fitness, nutrition, and holistic health. I approach my work with empathy and compassion, establishing meaningful emotional connections with individuals and offering steadfast guidance and support throughout their journey.

I was born and raised in Pennsylvania, surrounded by a bustling household with eight siblings, parents, and a kennel full of dogs and puppies. As a young girl, I learned how to groom and train dogs, winning my first obedience training award at the age of eight. I went on to groom and show standard poodles in high school. Described as a tomboy, I had an affinity for being outdoors and exploring. I was very athletic, participating in many sports such as softball, volleyball, track, and basketball. Keeping up with my brothers, I learned to ride motorcycles and hunt at a young age.

With a deep passion for new experiences, adventure, learning, and entrepreneurship, I started my first business in 2006—a pet resort that is still in operation and now owned by my sister. After the birth of my third child, I fell in love with exercise and nutrition. Diving straight into this field, I became a certified personal trainer and a CrossFit coach, which eventually led to opening a fitness studio. Recognizing that my clients needed more support than just fitness and weight loss, I delved into emotional support, studying to become a certified Life Coach and Holistic Health Coach.

Being a busy mother to three beautiful daughters, running multiple businesses, and experiencing a health crisis prompted my journey back to health and wholeness. With some basic knowledge of holistic health of mind and body, I passionately studied how to heal the body holistically. During this time, I became an NLP Practitioner, studied inner-child work, and my life coaching practice grew, becoming my full-time business. I closed my fitness studio, and my sister took ownership of the Pet Resort.

On a solo trip to Southeast Asia, I felt called to marry my passion for travel and adventure with a fire for coaching, leading to the formation of Earth and Soul Adventures—an organization that provided transformational travel retreats worldwide. Earth and Soul Adventures successfully supported clients in reprogramming their subconscious minds to create their dream lives. Unfortunately, in 2020, COVID-19 shut down Earth and Soul Adventures overnight. However, the desire to continue with this organization is still alive, albeit in a different form. Now, with immersive experience and training in the holistic health field, I know that true wholeness is a combination of a completely holistic lifestyle.

The shutdown-turned-opportunity marked the beginning of my journey with Nature Provides and Divine Health Alliance. Leveraging my deep knowledge of essential oils, I organically ventured into studying embryonic plant stem cells and the powerful healing effects they provide. I've had the unique opportunity to continue my quest for learning and helping others heal through emotional and physical support during my time working at Divine Health Alliance.

In May 2023 I re-launched Earth and Soul Adventures adding to my offerings Integrative Bioenergetic Restorative therapy, Life Coaching, Hiking and day adventures, Cacao gatherings, Retreats and Transformational Travel Adventures.

My life purpose is to support individuals in liberating themselves mentally, emotionally, and physically so they can live life to the fullest. My quest is guiding individuals from stress to stillness with nature as the guide.

I am trained and/or certified in the following modalities: Certified Personal Trainer, Holistic Health Coach, CrossFit Coach, Life Coach, Inner Child & Shadow Work, Transformational Travel Mentor, NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, Medicinal Aromatherapy, Plant Stem Cell Therapy, Firefly Practitioner, & Integrative Bioenergetic Restorative Therapy.

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